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Parallels Desktop 8.0 for Mac

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  1. Helpless "Helpless"

    BOOTCAMP + PARALLELS IS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS AND THE WORST OF NONE Yes the product does imperceptibly slow program’s down simply because when using the virtualisation software it has to share resources with OSX and Windows at the same time.However, if you use a combination of bootcamp and Parallels you can have the best of both worlds. Get hold of an OEM copy of Win 7 and install it with boot camp, it is a simple procedure if you follow the rules. If you are just a Gamer or someone who only uses memory intensive program’s then booting into windows is recommended. You will also need to factor in an antivirus for the Windows install.If like me you have business software, accounting packages, Microsoft Office Professional and other office software but also likes to play games like Skyrim, using Parallels is ideal accompaniment.If I game I boot, if I work I virtualise. The best of both worlds and the worst of none. Parallels ‘just’ works with a bootcamp partition, when you install it just click on ‘with bootcamp…

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