Office for Mac Home and Student Edition 2011 (1 User, 1Mac) - Apple Mac Training UK

Office for Mac Home and Student Edition 2011 (1 User, 1Mac)

Product Features

  • Stay in sync while you stay in touch
  • Work online, from virtually anywhere
  • Collaborate with virtually anyone
  • Perform common tasks-fast
  • Look more professional with every document

3 thoughts on “Office for Mac Home and Student Edition 2011 (1 User, 1Mac)

  1. Picard

    Mixed performance, but on the whole better [Home and Student Edition – 1 Key] It’s that time again… Office:Mac has a new release under its belt for the upcoming 2 years with 2011, a much needed update to Microsoft’s productivity software suite.If you’re here, then you may already own Office:Mac 2008 and I’m sure thoughts will be mixed. The software is a package that ultimately had potential, but various attributes let it down such as, the fact that Microsoft tell you to update the programs every month with ‘Critical Updates’ to fix ‘Vulnerability Issues’. When such is the case, why release a product thats updates equate to a larger size than the original installation?Rest assured however that 2011 is a smoother ride. Whats more, its not even a 64bit package, but I think they can be forgiven on this front since 64bit technology only enhances software thats uses lots and lots of RAM. 2011 is a little lighter on this front. Upon working on each application for half and hour, the average memory sum was around…

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