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iWork ’09 Retail

Product Features

  • Apple iWork 09 Retail for Mac (Single User)
  • Pages ’09: Creating the perfect brochure, flyer, report, or resume is faster and easier than ever – Choose from 40 new Apple-designed templates (over 180 total) • Focus on your writing with new full-screen view • Organize your ideas with dynamic outlines
  • Numbers ’09: Create spreadsheets, organize data, and write formulas with simple yet powerful tools – Easily create formulas, using visual placeholders with plain language text • Perform calculations using over 250 functions • Organize your data instantly
  • Keynote ’09: Now creating a show-stopping presentation is surprisingly simple – Easily create sophisticated animations with Magic Move • Add dramatic object and text transitions using new visual effects • Visualize your data with new styles and animations
  • iWork ’09 makes it easy to exchange documents with anyone

3 thoughts on “iWork ’09 Retail

  1. Dave S Sparrow "Dave"

    Pleasant & Productive, but still more to do. The iWork package is how office software should be done. Easy to use, pleasant to look at and intuitive this is exactly the kind of quality people expect from Apple. The package includes the Pages word processing application, Keynote presentation software and Numbers spreadsheet tool.I’ll start with the best part of the package, which is Keynote. Keynote was where iWork started and it’s so much better than the alternatives. Making a presentation with something like Powerpoint is easy, but making a good looking presentation is hard. Keynote goes that bit further and making a professional looking presentation can be easily done by an amateur because of it’s design. Aligning text and images is so much easier and better in Keynote, more font options are available too. Importing pdf files is done much better than Powerpoint (this is thanks to OS-X). The transitions and animations are much better than the competitors too. Keynote is well worth the money by itself…

  2. one book at a time

    Poor compatibility with office documents – don’t buy unless you work in a mac-dominanted environment After making the switch from windows to mac 5 months ago and buying iwork, I have finally needed to uninstall it and get the office for mac package. I’m an independent consultant and need to exchange word and powerpoint documents with clients and colleagues backwards and forwards, and there are lots of compatibility problems. You can save pages and keynote documents as word or powerpoint, but still many tables, graphics, etc are changed, not recognised or corrupted.Also if you save documents as the office version instead of the mac version, it is not recognised in the “open recent” menu. So when you open , say, pages and you want to come back to the last document you worked on, unless you remember exactly the name and where you saved it, it is not easy to find it because it doesn’t show it in “recent documents”. Also once you have saved it as .doc or .ppt and you want to save it again, the default saving location and the default name are not the ones you used when you saved it…

  3. Mr. M. D. Sullivan-lozano "Mikey Reiki"

    Almost Brilliant I have been using iWork ’08 for a year now and absolutely loving it. I have Microsoft Office for Mac and as I never learned to use it in work (I have never worked in an office) I never got much beyond very basic documents, and always really struggled when adding and images, or even borders!Then along came iWork…Brilliant! It made everything so easy and beautiful, as only Apple products can. I was producing documents, posters, newsletters and presentations (all for my small business) like it was going out of fashion.Then came iWork ’09. I saw the video’s and bought it primarily because of the upgrades in ‘Keynote’, which are excellent. They have really tightened everything else up as well though, and ‘Pages’ is much more of a word processing app now, and although I don’t use it to that much depth, ‘Numbers’ now has so much more options and depth as to warrant a full switch from MS Office to iWork, certainly from an average user standpoint.Since using iWork, my…

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