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Apple iLife ’11, Single User (Mac)

Product Features

  • Apple iLife 11 Photography Software – Retail (Single User)
  • Enjoy stunning new full-screen views for Faces, Places and Events
  • Share photos with your Facebook friends and see their comments right in iPhoto
  • Email a photo or a group of photos using beautiful Apple-designed themes
  • Choose one of 12 slideshow themes that showcase your photos in full screen

3 thoughts on “Apple iLife ’11, Single User (Mac)

  1. Pimms w/o Mint

    iPhoto 09 users should consider this upgrade carefully OK this software doesn’t cost too much so if you’re a big user of iMovie and/or Garageband you’ll be pretty pleased with the new features I should think. iWeb and iDVD get no new features. However, if you are a big user of iPhoto 09, be prepared to lose a lot of features you may like, or consider downgrading back to iPhoto 09 before the new version touches your photo libraries.The good things I found out about iPhoto 11 are some neat new slideshows, playing video within the app (and slideshows), smoother book making and it seems quicker to manually assign faces. There may be other improvements I haven’t discovered or don’t use.iPhoto ’11 loses a lot of things like the ability to view or edit your photos full screen (the new ‘full screen’ mode is just a sort of iPad interface, not sure why, I’m still using a mouse and a keyboard). There is a lot of wasted space and inflexibility now due to panels being used instead of the old HUD overlay windows for info,…

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