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Apple iLife ’11, Family Pack, 5 User (Mac)

Apple iLife 11 includes the following features: iPhoto ’11 – The best way to see, organise and share your photos on a Mac; iMovie ’11 – Turn your home video into a movie masterpiece; GarageBand ’11 – GarageBand gives you everything you need to create a great-sounding song; iWeb and iDVD – iLife ’11 also includes iWeb and iDVD for creating instant websites and burning your own DVDs.

Product Features

  • Apple iLife 11 Photography Software – Retail (Family Pack)
  • Enjoy stunning new full-screen views for Faces, Places and Events
  • Share photos with your Facebook friends and see their comments right in iPhoto
  • Email a photo or a group of photos using beautiful Apple-designed themes
  • Choose one of 12 slideshow themes that showcase your photos in full screen

3 thoughts on “Apple iLife ’11, Family Pack, 5 User (Mac)

  1. A. I. Mackenzie "alimack"

    Better than I expected The price of this has dropped amazingly since its release.However it is also available on the App store as single apps (minus iWeb and iDVD) an d is slightly cheaper to upgrade a single component.Note that you can’t buy iWeb and iDVD on the App Store, so the disk is the only way you can get hold of these if they’re not already installed on your machine. I won’t review either iWeb or iDVD as they’re unchanged since iLife ’09.Apart from a major upgrade bug in iPhoto, the apps went on both my machines OK. (iMac and Macbook both 2007 vintage).**iPhoto**On Lion this makes a lot more sense – you lose some features on Snow Leopard such as full screen. The edit tools are much the same – but the automatic red eye remover is really good, I used to have to to this manually often but not any more. The strip under the pictures is good too.**iMovie**Not much changed to be honest, the trailer feature is fun but a bit of a gimmick and…

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