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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (Mac/PC)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v 5 1 user DVD Win Mac English 65215175 Software Design Media Software

Product Features

  • Language:English
  • Platform:Windows, MacOS
  • Distribution Media:DVD-ROM
  • Localisation:Europe
  • Product Type:Box pack

2 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (Mac/PC)

  1. A Common Reader "Committed to reading"

    A worthwhile upgrade to a superb product: a must for digital photographers I have upgraded from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5 and have found the new features well worth-while and in my view make this even more of a complete photo-management and editing package for digital photographers.I converted to Lightroom from Photoshop Elements last year. The learning curve has not been too bad because Lightroom is pretty intuitive for all the basic functions, and in any case I have used Scott Kelby’s book to help me with the more advanced features. For this new version, Lightroom 5, Adobe have already put quite a few “how to” videos about the new features on their website and it’s worth looking at these.Lightroom is a great improvement on Elements when it comes to cataloguing a collection. The key-wording approach in Lightroom is much more flexible than in Elements and the search functions…

  2. Amberley Kent

    Excellent Raw Photo Editor, however….. The flexibility offered in the Develop module of LR5, makes this a very worthwhile purchase over PSE12 and its integral ACR raw editing capability. Particularly as LR5 was on short-term offer at Amazon and I managed to bag it for £69.99.I have had Lightroom 5 for a couple of weeks at the time of writing this review and am already seeing the benefits, having re-worked a number of old RAW files to produce much better final images than with PSE12/ACR. I am sure there is much more to discover, but I would highlight the following features of LR5 as particularly worthwhile – and all applied in a non-destructive manner, so can be easily undone if needed:* Graduated filters – a must for improving skies* Radial filters* Adjustment Brush – very powerful for adjustments to specific areas of your photo* Spot removal tool, to deal with blemishes without having to switch into PSE* HSL for much finer control of the various colour components* Lens…

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