Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01UK 11.6-inch Laptop (2GB RAM, 16GB HDD) - Apple Mac Training UK

Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01UK 11.6-inch Laptop (2GB RAM, 16GB HDD)

Product Features

  • Find your next favorite web app
  • PowerPlus for a longer battery lifespan
  • SuperBright 11.6 inch LED display
  • Easy to use full-size keyboard

3 thoughts on “Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01UK 11.6-inch Laptop (2GB RAM, 16GB HDD)

  1. Captain Awesome

    Nearly Perfect This will be a long review. For those wanting a short summary, I’ll include one at the end.I’ve owned the Cr-48 for a while, which was a kind of test unit Google sent out to people to beta test the operating system. That came out a long time ago and none of the commercial units have felt good enough to me to justify buying, until this one. They were always a little too expensive, despite the obvious advantages.I purchased my unit elsewhere because I managed to order early from Amazon, but they were unable to get the product to me by the date indicated.The softwareFor those unclear, Chrome OS (which the Chromebook runs) is fundamentally different to a Windows, Mac or Linux-based laptop, desktop or netbook. This is because it runs the web. No native applications exist specifically for this machine. There are apps (sometimes referred to as Chrome apps) but they also work in the Chrome browser.Because this computer runs what many call…

  2. Ed Jie

    Would I buy a MacBook Air? After 2 weeks with my Chromebook, NO! Two weeks of living with a Chromebook.I am writing this article after living for two weeks with my Samsung Chromebook (ARM powered).Why did I buy a Chromebook?Because my dear “vintage” white MacBook finally really died 3 weeks ago.The logical choice seemed to be the 11 inch Macbook Air, but after the age of netbooks, and tablets I wanted something somewhat cheaper.What was I looking for?Something light, cheap, that started up quickly and had a nice bright screen for emails, browsing, blogging, skping, youtube, iplayer etc. Nothing esoteric, since I don’t play games or do complicated movie editing but I did want but a real keyboard, and not a “type on the glass” version. I am already Googlified and I normally use Firefox when on Mac or Windows platforms.What do I like about the Chromebook?It goes from dead closed and off straight to full browsing in less than 10 secondsLight enough to…

  3. MikesFairReview

    Fab for fast web surfing and research I’m very satisfied with this Chromebook. Why ?1- It boots up in less than 10 seconds,not 60 like most laptops.2- There are no “Daily Updates” because the system updates itself and is ready when you switch on.3- I can’t get any viruses on this Chromebook and so I’ll save money on anti-virus software and hassle.4- The Chrome browser is lightning fast. It blitzes along.5- I can store all my stuff online ( in the cloud) … all my letters, spreadsheets, presentations…in Google Drive using Google Docs. I’ve been given 100 Gb for free, forever. No more Micros**t Office.6- It has a 16 Gb hard drive and also two USB slots for storing my stuff on memory sticks, memory cards or external hard drives.7- The full-size keyboard and trackpad are very comfortable and responsive.8- There is a reader for my SD and SDHC cards.9- The sound is very good from the speakers ( not ” tinny”) and the webcam is good too. Not fabulous but good.10- It…

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