Apple MacBook white (Intel 2.26GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB Hard Drive, GeForce 9400M) - Apple Mac Training UK

Apple MacBook white (Intel 2.26GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB Hard Drive, GeForce 9400M)

3 thoughts on “Apple MacBook white (Intel 2.26GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB Hard Drive, GeForce 9400M)

  1. M. Bewsher

    Just get it!!!! I spent ages trying to decide whether to go mac or not, and I can honnestly say its the best decision I’ve ever made computer wise. Ok Windows 7 is really well put together, and is a massive improvement on Vista (my parents run 7 at home), but the bottom line is the macbook performs faster at the tasks I use it for – faster at starting up, shutting down is amazing, literally click shutdown and before you can fold the screen down its already turned off! iTunes starts up MUCH quicker than on a PC, and the wifi connection is also stronger on macbooks than most pc laptops. The phenomenal battery life is also not to be overlooked. 7 hours battery is not an exaggeration – if you can bear to turn the brightness of the brilliant LED display down, you can easily get more than 8 hours of web browsing done – which is reason alone I feel to buy this laptop – I was travelling home from visiting a friend on the train the other day and watched 5 hours of dvds before I got bored and turned it off! It…

  2. addicted2amazon

    Overall a great product I recently upgraded from a Toshiba laptop running Windows Vista. I do not regret buying this product at all. For a start, the MacBook takes less time to turn on (I’ve counted about 30 seconds) and less time to turn off (about 5 seconds). The MacBook also connects to the internet faster, loads web pages faster etc. Although I liked the design of Windows Vista, I also like the design of the Snow Leopard operating system. The systems are quite different but I found that it didn’t take me very long to get used to the difference. At the bottom of the screen is the “dock”, which does let you open your programmes faster and easier. You know their opening as their icon jumps up and down. I found this a nice design feature but no real advantage over Microsoft. Another big difference is the “menu” bar. Instead of being attached to the window like it used to be, the bar is permanently fixed to the top of the screen, so this may mean a lot of minimising to get the window you want which is behind…

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